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Lotus Dance Academy

The Lotus Studio & LEAP Present 

Live Your Dreams  

2023 Annual Dance Recital


Special Thanks 

Photographer: JMJ Photography 

Instructors & Choreographers: Marci Haney & Mikalyn Haney 

Thank you to our dance parents, families, and sponsors for your continued support! 

Please silence your cell phones and refrain from using flash photography during the performance 

Part One 

1 / Mr. Sandman

Musical Theater 

Micha Brechtel

2 / When You Wish Upon A Star
Ballet Preparation

 Allie Delgado, Aspen Nelson, Charlotte Wiltsey, Jemma Ly, Jenna LeMelle, Kennedy Pegler, Malia Fitzpatrick, Owynn Palmer

3 / Once Upon A Dream 
Ballet One 

Beatrice Marie Villardo, Galia Rhuamada,  Jeranny Mendoza-Santiago, Jessica Beecher, Mampion McVey, Olivia DeYoung, Sophia Acevedo, Sunny Xiuxia, Victoria Salcedo-Gutierrez

4 / Live Your Story 
Ballet Two

Kady Barlean, Mary LeMelle, Scarlett VanSell 

5 / This Is Me  
Contemporary One 

DaeLynn Ward, Maylee Hope, Micha Brechtel, Scarlett Flora

6 / Dream Angels 
Contemporary Two 

Abigail Goetsch, Gizelle Tapia-Angulo, Miranda Garibay, Sydney Gathercoal 

15 minute 

Part Two 

1 / Stand Out 

Acrobatics Preparation 

Ila Joyner & Jenna LeMelle 

2 / What Dreams Are Made Of
Acrobatics One 

Emma Serratos, Jeranny Mendoza-Santiago, Jessica Beecher, Jossellyn Boedigheimer, Mampion McVey, Roan Joyner,

Victoria Salcedo-Gutierrez

3 / I'm A Believer 
Acrobatics Two

Hannah Adams, Kady Barlean, Mary LeMelle, Mayumi Sugahara, Scarlett VanSell 

4 / Cooler Than Me 
Acrobatics Three

Abigail Goetsch, Gizelle Tapia-Angulo, Miranda Garibay, Sydney Gathercoal 

5 / D.R.E.A.M. 
Hip Hop Preparation

Alex Banasiqk, Charlotte Prewett, Hayden DeYoung, Ollie LeMelle, Roan Joyner 

6 / Big Things Poppin'
Hip Hop Two

Isabella Austin, Kendra Outfleet, Micha Brechtel 

7 / I Ain't Gotta Dance 
Hip Hop One

Mary LeMelle & Trevor Gathercoal 

What Dance Means
To Them... 

Sydney, Contemporary 2 &  Acro 3 

"Dance is a source of comfort and healing for me" 

Trevor, Hip Hop 1 

"I like to come to dance class because its super fun and there is someone else to dance with, and I like getting up in front of people and dancing" 

Mary, Hip Hop 1

"Dance is really fun! It teaches me new tricks and helps me be flexible" 
Summer Dance Camp


August 21st - 25th 


We are always accepting donations for our LEAP Nonprofit. 

The Lotus Entertainment Achievement Program 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is devoted to making a difference in our community. L.E.A.P was created to transform the lives of economically disadvantaged students through dance, theater training, and performance arts. 


We ask that you consider supporting our cause by donating today. We need your help to provide a safe outlet for the children in our community to express themselves. Your generous contribution will help us create dance scholarships for children in our community.

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We Hope You Enjoy The Show 

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