The Lotus Studio/Lotus Dance Academy is a fitness/performance/competitive team/yoga studio that has the goal

of offering dance to all families. We have come across many families that can only dream of providing dance

classes let alone recitals for their children. Our studio has taken steps to help these families. We would like to offer

dance scholarships.

Sponsorship would help cover dance tuition, costume expenses, and a practice uniforms. Scholarships would be

open to kids ages eight and up, who are doing well in school. Each applicant must complete a Question and Answer

session with our panel explaining why they want to dance.

New this year, we have also added a competition team to our program. This group of hard working, disciplined

dancers work hard both inside and outside the studio. The financial commitment to our performance and competitive

teams is large. The participants and families work around the clock to maintain their academic stature, volunteer

within the community, and do everything to attend classes.

We would like to recognize our community/business member/owner(s) by creating advertisement for you in a

multitude of ways based on the level of your generosity. The funds raised will be distributed by what the director

feels is in the best interest of the program.

These donations will be divided between the scholarships and competition team program, and you. The profits will

be divided 75% and 25%: 75% will go directly to the scholarships and competition team programs, while the other

25% will be used to create advertisement for you as a thank you for your donation.